OTS R&D, Inc. is an engineering consulting company specializing in providing research and development services for its industry partners. OTS R&D staff are mechanical engineers with expertise in heat transfer, system and component optimization, vapor compression cycles, refrigerant selection, heat pumps, and novel thermal management approaches.

OTS R&D was established in 2023, stemming from Optimized Thermal Systems, Inc., a company originally founded in 2002 with the goal to provide crucial heat transfer and system integration expertise to the industry specifically in the areas of air-conditioning, heat pumping, refrigeration and energy conversion. Together, the “OTS Family” of companies including Optimized Thermal Systems, OTS R&D and OTS Energy serve the industry heat transfer experts to support design development, technology innovation, energy efficiency, and decarbonization.

Our Team

When choosing OTS R&D, you get a team with a combined total of more than 130 years of experience in energy conversion and heat transfer with a focus in HVAC&R systems and components. Our in-depth knowledge can take you from concept to reality for your novel design as we leverage our software, experimental resources, and expert staff, which in turn enables your own team to focus on your core business and top priorities. Working with OTS will reduce your project costs, your time to market,
and overall program risk.


Our primary location is in Beltsville MD, which includes our experimental laboratory used for heat exchanger testing, system testing and prototype development. We are near both the BWI and Reagan National airports, as well as to our colleagues at the University of Maryland. We welcome your visit!


The OTS logo embodies our mission and vision – striving for optimized performance no matter the system or project. We strive to take the baseline design and find new solutions that not only improve performance but also reduce cost, material, and time. This results in incredible potential to advance the state-of-the art into the next generation to create efficient, inspiring product solutions for our built environment.

Green Organization

OTS R&D is committed to enabling energy efficiency and sustainable solutions. To do our part, OTS R&D buys renewable energy certificates to offset 100% of the energy consumed by our Beltsville, Maryland office and laboratory.

Worker Cooperative

OTS R&D is an employee-owned worker cooperative. Worker cooperatives operate on a set of values and principles that include several key attributes to the way we do business and engage with our clients, particularly around providing superior support, delivering high quality work, seeking socially responsible solutions, and taking care of our clients and their needs. To learn more about worker cooperatives, please visit the U.S. Federation of Worker Cooperatives.