Jim Carow

Jim Carow

Director of Engineering at OTS R&D

With over three decades in power generation, appliances, and HVAC&R, Jim has expertise in thermal system modeling, including transient modeling, coding, system architecture, and product development. He applies strategic systems thinking to projects and R&D initiatives and enjoys mentoring and sharing thoughts on both the overall approach and the best tools for solving engineering problems. Jim is a member owner of OTS R&D.

A Certified Systems Engineer and Six Sigma black belt, Jim enjoys

continuously advancing his knowledge. He holds over 30 U.S. patents for innovations spanning appliance components to advanced control algorithms.

Outside of project work and his role as Secretary of the Board for OTS R&D, Jim enjoys following an international sailing league of high-speed hydro-foiling catamarans which combines his interests in technology and sustainability with the tactics and thrill of competition.