Improved Mobile Air-Conditioning Greenhouse Gas Life Cycle Climate Performance

The IMAC-GHG-LCCP software application estimates the total direct and indirect CO2 emissions for a vehicle’s mobile air conditioning (MAC) system over its lifetime. With this information, automobile manufacturers are able to make evidence-based design modifications, meet applicable standards, and select the most appropriate refrigerants to reduce the emissions of greenhouse gasses.

The tool uses an approach similar to the prior automotive LCCP standard (GREEN-MAC-LCCP) but with a focus on simplicity and ease-of-use with a friendly, interactive graphical user interface (GUI).

Demo or Trial version

Interested in a demonstration, trial version, or past publications? Contact us or email us directly at with any questions you have about the new software or to get further information about calculating life cycle climate performance for your application.

IMAC-GHG-LCCP encourages the evolution of existing technologies and enables the testing of new MAC systems in evaluating their life cycle climate performance.