Reinhard Radermacher

Dr. Reinhard Radermacher

Founding Member Owner

As a founding member of OTS R&D, Reinhard leverages over 30 years of experience advancing research and development of energy conversion technologies in general, and air-conditioning/heat pumping devices in particular.

Reinhard is an internationally recognized leader in the fields of heat transfer, working fluids, heat pumps, air-conditioners, and refrigeration systems. Reinhard has authored over 150 publications, 3 books, and holds 15 patents. In his passion for knowledge sharing, he has graduated more than 100 graduate students at the University of Maryland.

He previously cofounded Optimized Thermal Systems, Inc., where he served as CEO for over 20 years. At OTS R&D he continues steering innovation and guiding the team as a Subject Matter Expert and Member of the Board.

Reinhard maintains his adventurous spirit through hiking in the hills of West Virginia.